Thursday, December 05, 2002

NPRM 02-230

Hollywood is in the process of buying congress and the FCC (as well as other bits of the government). They want rules and laws passed which will give the small existing content cartel control over what people see, so that they can tax and shape the flow of information in our society. Here's the EE Times article. And here's my letter to the FCC:

I oppose NPRM 02-230.

It is unreasonable for the FCC to put restrictions on signals that I can receive. It is unreasonable for the FCC to put restrictions on how I may process a signal.

If content providers wish to deny me the ability to process their signal in any manner I please, they can choose not to transmit, or they can only transmit once we have entered a mutually beneficial contract. If this choice obliterates their business model, that is their problem, not mine, and especially not the FCC's.

The FCC does not have a mandate to sustain the existing business of existing transmitters. The FCC does have a mandate to encourage the development of new technology. Placing broad restrictions on entire classes of processing technology is a subversion of the FCC's reason for existence.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

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