Friday, November 17, 2006


I noticed that got messed up somehow, probably when Google moved to their Blogger in Beta infrastructure. So I switched my account to Blogger in Beta. As part of the process, I realized that I had comments!

This is like an unexpected birthday present! These are great comments, written with care by people who know. Thank you!

This calls for two apologies.

First, for not getting these things published before. Some of these are a year old.

Second, of 42 comments there was one that was inappropriate. In rejecting it, I accidentally erased 7 other comments. They aren't recoverable (which is a bug, btw, and now that I'm a Googler I can file a bug against that!) I know you folks take care writing those, and I'm really sorry about dropping them.

Anyway, thanks a ton for all the great comments.

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