Friday, February 16, 2007

Hi Mom! I'm on TV!

My first Google Video is up. I gave this tech talk at Google as part of Dick Lyon's Photo Tech series. If you've ever wanted to know about flare and contrast, now is your chance.

And, if you are wondering what is wrong with me during the first few minutes of the talk, it might help to know that I had just sprinted from parking my car to the conference room, which is up a long flight of stairs. I'm doing my best to smile and not gasp for air, ballerina style.

If you haven't viewed any of the previous videos in this series (mine is #4), go watch Dick in #1 and #2. Dick was one of the founders of Foveon, invented one of the first optical mice, seems to know everyone in the photography world personally, and is a good speaker to boot.

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