Saturday, May 05, 2007

Read and Enjoy

I think this website is a parody, but even if not, it's just as much fun:

The premise is that the tanker crash and fire which destroyed a freeway ramp in Oakland is part of some Al Queda-type attack. Some juicy quotes:
  • The name “Macarthur Maze” has 13 letters. Element 13 is Aluminum, an ingredient in Thermite. Aluminum oxide was discovered all over the scene, indicating a massive thermal event involving large amounts of aluminum. Unlike hydrocarbon fire, aluminothermic reactions can fuse steel or destroy it entirely. The police refuse to question Custom Alloy, a pro-aluminum corporation based within easy artillery range of the overpass.
  • We admit our mistakes openly and in good faith to preserve our credibility, advance the truth, and emphasize above all else that this website is not a joke.
I generally like my parodies to be a bit more obvious, like the Onion. This site is a bit edgier since it seems more sincere, but it's still pretty funny.

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