Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Tooth Fairy Traffic

Anya just had a tooth pulled by the dentist.  She put it under her pillow but the Tooth Fairy seems to have not made it last night.  A few notes:
  • The Tooth Fairy came on the fourth night after she lost her last tooth.  Anya's theory is that the day before she lost that tooth, a little boy lost one of his, but he was sick, and the Tooth Fairy caught a bug when she touched the tooth.
  • I believe Anya is lying, eyes closed, in tense anticipation of the Tooth Fairy.  She was watching Martha and I as we climbed the stairs last night at 1:30AM, and she was wide awake and ready to go at 7:00AM when I got her up this morning.
  • Little girls, of which I have 3, have 20 baby teeth each.  Even discounting the molars, which might come out much later, I can forsee a time when the Tooth Fairy will be making more than one visit per month.  With multiple little girls engaging in outright deceit in their attempts to catch the poor fairy, I forsee delays and uncertainty.
I'm not sure if the full-body tension I'm feeling right now is because I'm worried that my contractor won't be able to lay out my circuit board properly, or because the damn house creaks even though it's only six years old.  Yeesh!

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